Grants Toolkit and Style Guide

If you are awarded a grant from the WCVA, credit must be given to the WCVA through the inclusion of a sign located in a visible location, printed on collateral material, or included in all promotion of projects or events recognizing the financial contribution and support provided by the WCVA.


Where possible credit should say: “This project funded in part with a grant from the Washington County Visitors Association,” and include the WCVA logo.

Logo Style Guide

The type of grant project will determine which WCVA branded logo is required for recognition. A current logo may be obtained from the Grant Administrator or may be downloaded. For permanent grant recognition (e.g. wayfinding signage, capital projects, etc.), please use the WCVA logo. For events, please use the Tualatin Valley logo. Unsure which logo to use? Please contact the Grant Administrator.

Download logos >>>

Logo Usage

When placing the Tualatin Valley logo and/or the Washington County Visitors Association logo into documents, it is critical to maintain consistency in appearance. No substitutions or alterations are allowed. The logo always must be used as it’s intended.

  • Do not reposition icon or type treatments
  • Do not tilt, skew or distort logo
  • Do not place logo over a pattern or complicated image
  • Do not place logo within another shape, icon or logo
  • Always keep the original dimensions of the logo; do not condense or expand logo
  • Do not create screened or patterned versions of the logo
  • Do not create alternate colors or versions of the logo
  • Do not alter the type font or scale relationship of the typographical treatment