Providing Service While Promoting Safety

Free Tips & Training to Avoid Mask Confrontations Indoor and outdoor mask mandates have been reinstated and, unfortunately, mask compliance incidents are on the rise. Providing good service and keeping guests and your team safe may be especially challenging once again. The Oregon Hospitality Foundation, which…

Breaking News: Washington County Board of Commissioners Adopts Rules to Enforce Mask Mandate

Board of County Commissioners approve local enforcement of statewide mask mandate On August 24, 2021, the Washington County Board of Commissioners, acting in their role as Local Public Health Authority for Washington County, unanimously agreed to enact a new rule authorizing County Health and…

Statewide Outdoor Mask Requirements

Women in masks Oregon

Governor Kate Brown Announces Statewide Outdoor Mask Requirements With COVID-19 rapidly spreading, masks help stop spread of the Delta variant (Salem, OR, August 24, 2021) — Governor Kate Brown today announced new statewide outdoor mask requirements to help stop the spread of the highly…

COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted

Woman in COVID-19 mask Oregon

Effective immediately, Oregon OSHA formally lifts face covering, distancing parts of COVID-19 rules Press release >>> Oregon OSHA today removed the facial covering and physical distancing requirements of its COVID-19 rule for all workplaces, with certain exceptions, including health care, public transit, and airports….