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The Washington County Visitors Association features listings on our consumer website,, for businesses and events that offer products, services or experiences for out-of-area visitors.

Business listings

To be included, your business must be located in Washington County, Oregon, and fall into one of our categories.

Eligible business must provide or consume tourism products and/or services in Washington County, Oregon. Examples: wineries with tasting rooms in Washington County, hotels/motels/bed-and-breakfasts, tour companies providing tours in the county, restaurants, attractions, retail/shopping, outdoor activities, etc.

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Event listings

The purpose of the WCVA’s Tualatin Valley Events & Festivals calendar is to feature events whose appeal is broad enough to attract out-of-area visitors or entice visitors to extend their stay or provide a tourism-related activity available to visitors and residents alike. The Tualatin Valley Events & Festival calendar is not meant to be a community calendar and does not list non-tourism related events.

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*Note: All listings requests are subject to approval. Terms and conditions subject to change. The WCVA reserves the right to edit listing information.