Hotel Performance for the month of September reached pre-pandemic levels and beyond.

According to STR, which provides market data on the hotel industry around the globe. Washington County’s hotels continue to perform well in two key performance areas: Occupancy (OCC) and Average Daily Room Rates (ADR).

For the month of September 2022, room occupancy reached the same level of the same period pre-pandemic. In September,  75.7% of available hotels rooms were occupied–a 19% increase over last year. In 2019, 75.7% of available hotel rooms were occupied.

The following chart illustrates the recovery of Washington County’s hotel occupancy performance for the month of September from 2019 to 2022 (according to STR).Chart detailing occupancy rates over the past four years

Average daily room rates grew to $134.91, an increase of $17.04 over 2021, and an increase of $11.68 over 2019 average daily rates.