Tourism in Washington County Grew in 2021

Annual “Economic Impact of Travel” report released by Travel Oregon illustrates overnight tourism in Washington County

According to a preliminary report by Dean Runyan Associates, commissioned by Travel Oregon, visitation and visitor spending in Washington County grew in 2021, compared to 2020.

Overnight Visitation
In 2021, more than 2.7 million travelers visited Washington County, resulting in an overnight stay. The average size of the traveling parties in 2021 was 2 people, and the average length of stay was 3.2 days.

The majority of overnight visitors stayed with friends and relatives in a private home, while more than a third of visitors stayed in a hotel, motel or short-term vacation rental.

  • 61.9% stayed overnight in a private home
  • 36.7% stayed overnight in a hotel, motel or short-term vacation rental
  • 1.3% stayed overnight in other accommodations, such as campgrounds and RV parks

Direct Visitor Spending
In 2021, the total direct visitor spending–the amount out-of-town visitors spent in Washington County–was $615.2 million, an 83.2% increase over 2020, and only an 18% decrease from 2019.

Visitors spent their tourism dollars mostly on food service ($210.7 million), accommodations ($136.4 million) and retail sales ($100.8 million), all increases over 2020. Of the total direct visitor spending in Washington County, $35.1 million was spent on arts, entertainment and recreation.

Tourism Employment
The number of people employed in the tourism industry in 2021 totaled 7,070 jobs, a 6.1% increase over 2020. Overall tourism employment numbers were a 19% decrease from 2019.

Local Tax Revenue
Tourism-related tax revenue in Washington County also increase. with $13.2 million added to the tax coffers, a 51.8% increase over 2020.

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Source: “The Economic Impact of Travel in Oregon,” Dean Runyan Associates, May 2022