Weekly Hotel Performance: Sept. 19-Oct. 2, 2021

Hotel washington county

Occupancy rates (OCC) and average daily room rates (ADR) at Washington County hotels remain relatively steady–and higher than in 2020–over the past two weeks.

September 19-25
For the week of September 19-25, average occupancy hovered around 63.6%, a 26.96% increase over the same period last year. ADR remained steady at $117.10, a 26.1% increase over 2020. Revenue per available room (RevPAR) increased by 60% with revenues at $74.51 for the week.

Source: STR, September 29,2021

September 26-October 2
As fall starts to settle in, so do occupancy levels. Average occupancy was 60.4% for the week, a slight decrease over the previous week, but a 29.1% increase over the same period last year. ADR also dipped slightly to $114.41 from the previous week, but it was an increase of 24.69% over 2020. RevPAR also dipped from the previous week to $69.14.

Source: STR, October 6, 2021