Cultural Coalition of Washington County 2022 Grant Applications Open

Announcement from the Cultural Coalition of Washington County:
It’s fall which means that it’s time to seek arts, heritage and humanities program funding for the next calendar year. One of Oregon’s long-standing regional funders includes the Cultural Coalition of Washington County (CCWC). CCWC has been the re-granting body for the Oregon Cultural Trust since 2006 as it relates to this northwest section of the state. CCWC opens its 2022 Grant Cycle Applications on September 13 for programs/projects taking place between January 15-December 31, 2022. Organizations can apply for one of three levels of funding ($1,000, $2,000 or $5,000) for activities or opportunities that address one or more of these five goals: Public Awareness, Audience Building and Participation; Support Existing Cultural Organizations; Increase Public Art Opportunities; Support Cultural and Heritage Learning; and/or Increase Youth Access to the Arts.

The application deadline is Monday, October 18, 2021. Arts, heritage and humanities nonprofit organizations based in and/or directly serving Washington County are invited to apply. Learn more >>>

The CCWC Board advises that a “strong grant application will address our priorities of promoting cultural diversity, developing community and/or cross-cultural partnerships, providing matching-funds or cost-sharing, and/or promoting cultural tourism.”

The Washington County Cultural Plan, detailed 2022 CCWC Grant Guidelines, and CCWC Grant Application Instructions for the Community Cultural Participation grant program are available online on the CCWC website at

Contact CCWC at or visit for more information.

Funding for this grant program comes entirely from the Oregon Cultural Trust, which distributes money to Oregon counties and tribes annually to support local community cultural programs. The Oregon Cultural Trust receives its support through a unique tax credit program. Any Oregon resident can make a donation to the Trust and then match that with a donation to a local arts, heritage or humanities organization. Then, when it is time to pay their Oregon taxes, the donation to the local organization qualifies as a charitable contribution, and the donation to the Trust can be deducted as a full Oregon tax credit (you get the whole match back). For details on the program or to make a donation, visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website at for details.

About Cultural Coalition of Washington County

The Cultural Coalition of Washington County (CCWC) is the re-granting board of the Oregon Cultural Trust in Washington County, Oregon. Monies donated to the Oregon Cultural Trust come back to Washington County and are distributed as grants to cultural nonprofits per the Washington County Cultural Plan. The CCWC promotes the cultural identity, quality of life and economic vitality of Washington County and its arts, heritage and humanities organizations. Washington County is home to over 100 heritage, humanities and arts nonprofits.