Washington County residents urged to restrict use of fireworks


From Washington County:

Following record-breaking extreme heat and in light of current widespread drought conditions, the Washington County Board of Commissioners joins with local fire and law enforcement officials in urging all community residents to forego the unsafe use of fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July this year. The public is encouraged to voluntarily restrict the use of any fireworks, even those that are considered legal in the state of Oregon.

As stated by Board Chair Kathryn Harrington, “We understand that Independence Day has special meaning to many people this year as we finally emerge from statewide COVID restrictions. What we’re asking is that everyone consider the great harm and suffering that could occur with even one unintentional fire caused by fireworks during this holiday season. The risk is just too great and we’re pleading with people to consider other ways of celebrating like a backyard gathering, trip to Hagg Lake or even attending a professional fireworks display that has been permitted for safety.”

The County is working collaboratively with emergency responders to send a strong message that our community has suffered enough in the past year under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, September wildfires and extreme weather conditions. The public is also asked to be mindful of the strain imposed on our public safety system due to the use of fireworks. Please do not call 9-1-1 to report fireworks use! It is very important that our 9-1-1 system remain available for reporting only active fires, serious medical problems and crimes in progress. To report the use of illegal fireworks—those that explode or fly into the air—please call non-emergency dispatch at 503-629-0111 and be prepared to provide the address location.