Excessive Heat Watch Issued

Important Warnings and Information from Washington County: 

Hot Weather

The National Weather Service issued an Excessive Heat Watch for Friday afternoon that will last until at least Monday evening. Unlike our recent bout of unseasonably hot weather, the low temperatures this weekend are expected to bottom out in the upper 60s. This will make it harder for those without access to reliable air conditioning cool off at night. The Weather Service predicts that this weather pattern “will significantly increase the potential for heat-related illnesses, particularly for those working or participating in outdoor activities.”  Washington County Health and Human Services has tips for avoiding heat exhaustion, dehydration and other effects.

Heat-related illness can be extremely dangerous, even deadly. Visit http://www.cdc.gov/disasters/extremeheat/faq.html to learn about signs, symptoms and treatment.

Washington County government will post any urgent updates at www.StayCoolWashingtonCounty.com.

Multi-state Chlorine Issue

State agencies are asking the public to reduce outdoor water usage while a chlorine supply chain interruption resolves, which is expected to possibly be resolved by the end of this month. Water agencies are assuring the public that water for drinking, cooking and bathing is still safe and in good supply, but they are asking the public to reduce outdoor usage for car washing, plant watering, backyard pools, etc.

Burn Ban

Fire agencies throughout Washington County issued a burn ban that took effect on Tuesday, June 22nd. The burn ban forbids backyard, agricultural or slash burning. More restrictive measures are in effect within an eighth mile of any land protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry.

PGE Preparation for Wildfires

Portland General Electric is taking several preventative measures this fire season, including assessing and managing tree growth, adjusting settings on protective equipment and – as a last resort – planning for Public Safety Power Shutoffs for key areas around the region. These power shut offs could affect customers along the Tualatin Hills including portions of Helvetia north of North Plains and segments of Cedar Mill, Bonny Slope and Raleigh Hills.

For more information and updates, please bookmark Washington County government’s website.