Washington County leaders propose Phase 1B

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Leaders in Washington County have submitted a proposal for a revised reopening phase that would allow more business to reopen before the metro area is able to move into Phase 2.

Read the statement from Washington County Board Chair, Kathryn Harrington:

Our local, national and global communities have been enduring this new coronavirus global pandemic with all kinds of health and economic consequences. Many businesses, small, medium, and large, have had their business models impacted by the public health steps taken to try to reduce the impact and risk of this virus. It is all painful in one way or another.

As the Chair of the Washington County Board of Commissioners, I have been working with fellow elected leaders to impress upon our State leadership the need for assistance and flexibility in serving our residents and businesses as this new coronavirus has been present in Washington County for 8 months. Governor Brown shared her strategy to re-open Oregon back in April. Washington County advanced from baseline to phase 1 as of June 1st. We have all learned a lot and invested resources in order operate as safely as possible as we accept that this virus is a permanent feature of our community. The public health officers of our region has been asking the Oregon Health Authority for flexible assistance for weeks. They have now crafted a proposal for a new phase between phase 1 and 2, so that more businesses can be operating. This information was shared publicly at the Washington County Board of Commissioners meeting this past Tuesday, October 27.

Read the proposal >>> 

If you are interested in seeing such a proposal move forward, please contact Governor Brown directly to help make this happen (email address governor@oregon.gov.)

More information about the October 27 meeting: