Masks now required in all workplaces and more

Oregon has new mask requirements and recommendations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks are now required inside all private and public workspaces, including classrooms, offices and meeting rooms. Employees must wear masks unless they’re alone in an office or private workspace.

Along with the new requirement for employees to wear masks, the state now requires businesses to provide masks, face coverings or shields to employees. Businesses that are open to the public must also provide face coverings for customers who don’t have them, post signs about requirements and educate employees about how to handle people who can’t wear a mask.

Masks are also now required at indoor and outdoor markets, street fairs and public and private colleges/universities.

Face coverings/masks are strongly encouraged but not required if employees aren’t interacting with the public or other employees, such as in a large warehouse where at least 6 feet of distance can be maintained. Masks aren’t required while eating and drinking.

The Oregon Health Authority has also said face coverings/masks are better than face shields and shields should not be worn instead of masks because they are not as effective at limiting aerosols. Face coverings/masks should cover the nose and mouth and rest snugly above the nose, below the mouth and on the sides of the face. Lace, mesh or masks with gaps do not count as face coverings.

The new requirements are in addition to the general recommendation that masks should be worn whenever you are within 6 feet of someone outside your household.

The WCVA has created a “Masks Required” sign businesses can print or share on social media. Find our Welcome Back Toolkit >>> 

The WCVA has a limited supply of non-surgical KN95 masks available at no charge. Masks were purchased with Washington County’s federally funded COVID-19 relief grant, and the WCVA partnered with Clean Water Services to help distribute them to tourism-related businesses located in Washington County.

If you are seeking masks for your employees, please contact us. Requests are limited to two (2) boxes of masks, each containing 50 masks. Masks may not be resold. This offer is for Washington County businesses only. You may also visit the Business Recovery Center website to order masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Read the full Oregon Health Authority guidance for face coverings >>>
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