Celebrating Washington County’s Cultural Communities

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People of color have always lived in Tualatin Valley, from the original inhabitants, the Atfalati tribe of Kalapuya Native Americans, to the multicultural communities that live here now. Washington County is now the most diverse county in Oregon, with the largest populations of Asian and Latinx people in the state.

We’re celebrating that diversity by sharing their stories on tualatinvalley.org.  We want to encourage visitors to get a taste of the communities here and how they’ve made an impact on the area. From food to festivals, Washington County has a wealth of ways to honor cultural heritage.

“We wanted to celebrate the cultural diversity of Washington County,” said Sylke Neal-Finnegan, vice president of communications for the WCVA. “These communities collectively make up fabric of this place we call home.”

Tualatin Valley is lucky to have a wealth of Mexican, South American and Caribbean cuisine. It’s also known for some of the best Asian food in the Portland metro area, including more than a dozen Korean eateries within 1.5 square miles in Beaverton. Asian bakeries and markets make it easy to enjoy the tastes of abroad. Our Black-owned businesses include Oregon’s first Black winemaker, Bertony Faustin of Abbey Creek Winery, and chefs serving up traditional Ethiopian and Somali meals.

The European heritage of the area is also strong here. Irish communities celebrate with Celtic music and dance, McMenamins Grand Lodge holds an Oktoberfest celebration and the Verboort Sausage Festivals serves a classic Dutch dinner.

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